Sunday, May 3, 2009

10 things about me

I avoided this on facebook, but a fellow blogger tagged me, so I figured why not. It wont be that interesting, but oh well, here goes:

1. I can be very impatient. I know this and I think I know where I got it from. I know it's bad and patience is afterall a virtue. But seriously, I have no time or patience for people who are in my way, or are wasting my time or are driving slowly or...........
Yeah, I'm working on that though. For real.

2. I'm very much my mothers daughter. I love my mother to pieces and I'm very very close to her. She's like my rock and I have mad respect and love for that woman. But in a perverse way, I used to want to be different from her.....I guess it was my misguided way of asserting some form of independence. And yet, the more I grow up, the more I realize that I'm so much like her. I have her body shape, her face, her strengths etc. I've even come to like the color red much more than I thought I ever would, and my dislike of red was just one of the many things I held on tightly to show how different I was from her. Absolutely foolish I know. Now, I love the fact that I'm like her. She's an awesome woman, and I'm mad proud of her.

3. I really cant stand people being in my personal space. At all. Only a select few are allowed to be in very close proximity to me without me instinctively moving away. So if you stand near me and I move or I tell you to move, please dont be offended. Its nothing personal.

4. I worry more than I should. Since I know I shouldn't I often hide my worry behind the "right" words. But again, it's a work in progress.

5. I whine a whole lot more than I should. I annoys me a lot actually, but sometimes I cant seem to help it. I've been told its the last born syndrome.

6. I'm finally making peace with my body. I'm done wishing I was as tall as this person, or as thin as this other one, or had this other person's proportions or that person's face. I am wonderfully and fearfully made, and real beauty isn't on the outside, but inside. These sound like cliches but they are true. God looks closely at my heart and is more concerned that I'm right with Him. And all the human beings that matter seem to like me just the way I am so it cant be that bad :)

7. I really desperately wish I was funny. I am not. I laugh easily and a lot. But alas, I cant induce laughter in others.

8. I like sappy books, movies etc. The whole idea of intellectualism is often lost on me.

9. I like to play devils advocate. I sometimes think I should have gone to law school instead.

10. Sometimes I can be very insecure. And about the most random things too. I have to keep reminding myself that my worth is in God. Not in how smart or popular or pretty or funny I am. It can be hard to remember though. Oh well, one day, the lesson will stick.

11. I know I said 10 but I want to end on a positive note. I get very excited as I watch my friends and family reach milestones. It makes me happy to see them happy and thriving and doing well.