Friday, January 30, 2009

why this part 2

I had a few questions about the blog so I decided to clarify a few things.

1. Who or what is Obla yoo? Well, Obla yoo means young lady in Ga (a Ghanaian language). I'm more of a Daavi (young lady in Ewe) since I'm Ewe, but I like the term Oblaa Yoo, and its a small tribute to the small and latent Ga-Adangbe part of my lineage.

2. Why a blog? Its a part of the re-vamping of myself/my life that I'm attempting to carry out. There are some things that I feel the need to change- I dont really feel like having my whole life be completely over-run by med school. So, this is one way of finding an outlet- balance, so to speak.

b. Also, I met a friend of mine on the flight back here in Jan. I talked about the fact that I googled "Ghanaian blogs" and found very little. He told me about Museke, modern ghana, and then I found his blog. From his blog, I stumbled on many other blogs written by Ghanaian young people. I've become an undercover fan of some of these blogs, and have fallen in love with museke (good source of african music). I guess they are part of my inspiration.

3. How will I find the time to keep up with the blog? Well, that is part of the point of starting the blog. I've been told by many wise people that I need to learn to carve time for myself during this journey and after. So this is a step in that direction. Lets see how it will go.

4. How will this help me keep in touch with people? Hopefully people who visit the blog will comment and join the conversation. This way, I share a little bit on what's going on in my life and in my head, and can hear about what's going on in other people's lives and heads. At the very least, people will know I'm alive and well when I make a post.

4. Do I have any concerns? Several actually. I have a tendency to start projects and not finish them. So this will challenge me to be consistent and to follow a project through over a long period of time. I debated long and hard with myself over the point of a blog. Why, I've asked myself, will anyone care about my thoughts or feelings and why should I subject people to them? I'm still not sure I have a satisfactory answer to those questions, but oh I am. Also, I think that I've become too introspective and thus self-absorbed. Somehow starting a blog seems to be proof of that self-absorbtion......... Hopefully it'll be more of a conversation that a monologue.

Anyway, time to get back to work. Let the games begin............

Thursday, January 29, 2009

why this and why now?

Considering the fact that I have a major exam coming up in a few days, I really do wonder why I've decided to start blogging now. Probably because I dont want to study :) Truth be told, I've been toying with the idea for a while, but somehow, today, this moment, seems like the best time.

It seems that I've always been a little bad at keeping in touch with friends and family, but that has become worse over the last few months (school started). So this might be a good way to share my thoughts with people whom I cant seem to call/keep in touch with. So dear friends, this is partly/mostly for you.

One day, maybe when I take my next study in 10 minutes.........I'll post some deep or otherwise thought. Till then, neuroscience calls. Ciao!!