Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The begining is here, almost

Orientation ends tomorrow and I start officially working as an intern. A physician, no longer a med student. Can you say SCARY? Sheesh!!!

Orientation has been interesting, meeting my co-interns and bonding as a family/ team has been fun. We're all very different people, but also very similar. Today was a day with a fair bit of introspection and sharing of ideas and such. The introspective me loved it. Making our class "oath" a wonderful step in putting all minds, hearts and thoughts together. I hope that we will indeed be a supportive, fun, respectful, professional, smiley, caring group of learners and teachers over the course of our 3 years together.

We all have many hopes and dreams, goals, plans. I'm kind of excited about starting on the path to pursue those plans and goals. But I wont lie and say there isn't some trepidation there too. Funnily enough, one of my biggest sources of trepidation is that I wont have a well balanced life and it will be med school all over again, but on steroids. I don't want that for myself. I really don't. So my task is to find avenues to enhance my life and to remember to take care of myself. This for some reason seems so daunting, even though I'm better positioned to do this here, unlike my previous location.

Anyway, I was reminded by Mama Mia- no need to worry about it. Pray about it. Open your mouth and tell God and see if He wont answer. Which is very true. So from my fingertips to God's ears.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New stage, new beginings

I am now officially a physician.

Its scary, strange, humbling all together. I've gone from being a senior student, confident and competent to being back at the bottom of the totem pole- a lowly intern. So much to learn, to see, do, remember..... Its daunting, but I'm being reminded that other human beings have walked this way before me, and there's no reason why I cant. So, I'll gird my loins, put my thinking cap back on and go at it.
Wish me luck!!