Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wanting something very badly

It appears that stress and busyness are my creative juices. So of course, in my last week of school with exams looming ahead of me, this seems like a good time to start a post.

Have you ever wanted something very very badly? A new job? A promotion? Top grades in exams? Kids? That admission letter? whatever?
What do you do then?
1. Tell yourself if doesn't really matter that much and you dont want it as badly as you do?

2. Tell yourself that if you stop wanting it so badly, you'll actually stop wanting it (and secretely hope that you get it anyway)

3. Do everything in your power to get it? What if it's out of your hands?

4. Pray and pray and pray till God delivers it? What if He doesn't want it for you?

Do any of these options work? and if they don't then what? This post doesn't make as much sense now- there was a point to it sometime when I started it. Eitherway, I think the question is still valid.

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