Tuesday, November 16, 2010


There's a Ghanaian proverb/saying- Sankofa. Which basically means that to move forward, you need to return to your roots. Or something like that. I'm interpreting it today to mean, that to continue to grow as a person, spiritually and emotionally, I need to look back and see how far God has brought me. This is not a post to congratulate myself and pat myself on the back. It's actually a critical post.

I remembered today, that God has never let me down. He's got my back and He's showed me that countless times and in different ways. So why I let fears and the need to be in control and impatience and a whole lot of other things distract me and cause all sorts of distress is baffling me. Why I persist in trying to run before God and trying to drag Him along, rather than to rest in Him and follow him is also baffling. And yet I do it. Time and time again. It has to stop.

So here's one way I hope learn and one thing I hope to change ASAP. I need to just relax and follow God and watch Him open doors, work miracles and basically take care of me. Not that I can take care of myself- and any idea that I can is simply an illusion. So, here's to learning how to rest and relax in God.

On the other hand, when God opens a door, I have to walk through it. He does His part, I do mine. Everything I do, I need to do for His glory with all my effort. I've become so lazy of late, that I feel like I'm ignoring open doors and just being very lazy and sitting on my ass. So this too has to change, and change now.


  1. 3rd yr has a way of making u feel like "u are sitting on your ass." I am realizing that too, and trying to be more accountable for this "free time" I have right now with outpt. Becoming proactive, but still knowing that once we commit our days to Him, HE WILL TAKE CARE OF IT. So when I find myself questioning why I am doing something, or not doing anything about something, I know that his Holy Spirit is guiding me, and making decisions for me through the course of the day without me having to stop to think about it.

    PS - Sankofa, is that Twi?

  2. yeah- we have "free time", well more like unscheduled time and dont know what to do with it....that's wierd to say, but I think there's some truth in that.

    And yeah, sankofa is twi. How did you know?

  3. To continue to grow as a person, spiritually and emotionally, you need to look back and see how far God has brought you. This is meaning of SANKOFA Ghanaian proverb . visit www.fuoye.edu.ng