Thursday, February 5, 2009


I'm generally apathetic. This is nothing new. But I'll admit that even I have been caught up with the whole Obama and co craze. Why not? His story- their story- is one of great faith, great encouragement etc. I think it makes us see the possibilities that lie before us.

That said, I really wonder what there is to gain by the ceaseless talk about Obama and his family. I believe I read somewhere that the J Crew website had so many visitors after the inauguration that it crashed- presumably because so many people went to check out the coats that the Obama girls wore. NYT carries countless articles about Obama or Michelle or the girls or Michelle's mother........yeah, they're exciting, but are they really that unusual? Is Michelle's mother the only grandmother to be actively involved with raising her grandchildren? Is Michelle the only succesful, beautiful black woman in America? Really, what were people looking for with the coats? Was it to dress their daughters in the same coat and if so, will that make them or their daughters cool? Then there was the story about how Obama's half-brother in Kenya was jailed. Why should CNN, BBC or anyone else care about what's happening to some young man in Kenya who's simply living his life- only because his last name happens to be Obama? And how is their reporting supposed to make any difference to his life or to ours? Yes Barak and Michelle make a cute couple, but do we really need to stalk them and analyze every "cute/loving" picture of them? Then there are the dolls called Sasha and Malia that were made, and which according to the makers "have nothing to do with any living people". Really??? Some company has a very awful awful PR section. Even I could have come up with a more plausible excuse/statement......

So while I'm a big fan of Obama and co, I do wonder what the point of this incessant reporting on their daily habits is? I wonder if people really care about their lives as individuals or if its all a "lets show how cool we are by being ridiculously concerned with their every breath"................ When will it be enough?

Anyways, I wish them (the Obama's that is) well and I also wish that the media will leave them alone!! Hopefully they'll all get through the next 8 years without damage.


  1. hehe. I totally agree with you my dear but when I reflect on it again, it really is still a historical moment that many people (and the media) are apparently not over. Good for them, yea? but annoying for us. Trust me, I was so mad when I saw CNNs 100 days of Obama' presidency or whatever it is called - and I was so pissed that y should he be singled out as one president. When I think about it again tho, this is really America's first ethnic president. It is still a big deal and they will never be let alone, at least not in the near future. And I totally see your point that there are countless other successful African-American men and women out there and the fact that focusing so much on the Obamas makes it seem that they are special black people...but when you think about it, Oblaa yoo, Michelle may be one of many successful African-American women, but she is the first and only African-American first lady America has had. Lets see how things will pan out in the next few months. Hopefully, people will get over this Obamamania because it really is becoming quite annoying no doubt - no matter how much I try to justify it.

  2. In addition to people not being over it yet like Efe said, you have to realize that this is America. This nation has sparkling PhDs in hype and melodrama. They flog everything to its core and 'over-report' so to speak. That, now added to this historic event means we're in for a very long 4 years (or 8 if he gets re-elected).