Thursday, February 12, 2009

on love and the complexities there of.....

The title sounds a whole lot deeper than the content is going to be. Just a friendly warning.

I read a section on marriage in my Bible today. One that is very well known to many Christians. And while I'm not married it got me thinking about the marriages that have gone before me and that have eventually produced me. Great-grand parents, grandparents, parents and all the many uncles and aunts and even now, one of my siblings. I dont know much about many of these marriages, but it seems that of the ones I do know about, I have some pretty good examples and legacies before me. I know no one (therefore no marriage) is perfect, and I'm sure there are many horror stories in the marriages that I see before me-but even knowing that things are not always as they seem- these examples generally make me feel warm and fuzzy :)

This warm and fuzzy feeling then got me thinking about the rest of the people in my network/circle. All the family members and friends. And I was reminded that love has many dimensions and many shades. You sometimes find it in the most unexpected places and ways. Its kinda hard to kill that strong and secure love that family and friends offer. And sometimes when someone disappoints or hurts you, other people can help heal the hurt.

ok, this is sappy, but sappy is ok once in a while :) The main point I guess is that I'm very grateful for all the love that I get from my friends and family. So happy valentine's day everyone.....

p.s. I held a human heart in my hands today. It's one of the coolest things ever. I think its way cooler than the brain.


  1. We love you too :)
    And next time, just let the cat out of the bag.

  2. Which cat? what bag?
    See, this is how rumors start....

  3. LMAO @ which cat/what bag?

    But really, this is majorly SAAAAPPPPYYYY!!!

  4. @ KG, occasionally the sap needs an outlet. What can I say?