Monday, August 2, 2010

The question of identity

A conversation that started with a friend, and then followed with some family members has had me thinking long and hard about the issue of identity. See, now if you'd asked me a few years ago how I identify myself, I'd have said "I'm a Ghanaian, Christian girl". End of story really. Now, I find that that answer is a lot more nuanced. Ghanaian is still there, Christian is still there and now I find that I fit in a woman's skin a lot more easily than I did before. But now, occasionally I'll think more African than specifically Ghanaian, and more likely to think Black. And I think that Black, as opposed to only Ghanaian is a subtle thing but points to a shift in my psyche.

So then I began to wonder how identities are formed. What makes me Ghanaian exactly? and is it possible to be Ghanaian if you dont live there for an extended time? Is there any such thing as pure Ghanaian? and who gets to determine what that is? Is there anything wrong or right with being Ghanaian as opposed to African as opposed to Black? Does it change my focus or my dreams or future plans if my identity changes or do does my evolving identity wrap around those dreams and desires?

I dont think there are any answers, or at least obvious answers. But those are some random thoughts floating around my head.

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