Monday, August 23, 2010

My life according to NYTimes

According to NYT and CNN (NYT mostly), single successful black women are a somewhat hopeless species because no one wants to marry us.

According to the same media outlet, 20 somethings are shiftless people who are delaying adulthood and responsibilities, who have no strong work ethic and who mooch of parents so much that we generally, as a generation, suck.

So according to this media outlet, I should just curl up in a pitiful useless ball because I'm a 20 something black woman who's on her way to being succesful.

How nice to know that I can prove them wrong, and also to know that my identity and self worth do not lie in what any "expert" or "non expert" thinks of me, my race, my gender or my generation. And really, why do people spend so much time pointing fingers at other people who they think are "poor" and "pitiable" ? Isn't is simply more efficient to write about wars and hunger and politics all that, and indeed to not just write but do something about it, than to speculate on job and marriage prospects of entire swaths of the population?

Whatever. I have work to. I'm well on my way to becoming a fabulous, successful 20 something year old black woman!

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